Interesting question re: APC & T cell

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Fri Sep 1 18:55:36 EST 1995

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Ian A. York <york at> wrote:
>Further, the TcR is generally down-regulated by contact with MHC (shown 
>most convincingly for CD4 cells, but likely true as well for CD8).  One 
>potential and very interesting outcome of this is discussed in - 
>Valitutti S. S., et al., Nature 375:148-151 (1995)
>M.M. David, Natuure 375:104 (1995)

This is, as Dr. Jim Allison calls it, the toilet-paper model of T cell 
activation - one after another TcR binds to the same MHC molecule and 
then goes away (?), allowing another TcR to "roll" into place.  
Regardless of how weird it sounds, it's more physiological than the 
currently held crosslinking model . . . just my 2 cents.

Aaron Mackey

P.S. In no way does this reflect the thinking of my peers and professors 
at Wash U!  They would disagree with me entirely . . .

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