Interesting question re: APC & T cell

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Sun Sep 3 00:22:43 EST 1995

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: Hi all,

: I had this question come up in journal club and didn't have clue how to answer
: it. I can't find anything in medline but that doesn't mean much.  The question
: was: after TCR engagement of the MHC/peptide, how do the APC and T cell let go?
: And, which cell "gets" the peptide.  It was speculated that either the TCR or
: MHC gets cleaved, maybe both... In which case, the molecules might become
: soluble?  Anybody have an idea or want to speculate?

: Cheers,
: Allen Black
: Dept. of Pathology
: Univ. of Newcastle

I always thought that the interaction was weak and involved repeated 
binding and falling off. Also have we ever thought about it NOT coming off???
It's just an idea.
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