PHA stimulation of T cells

David Peritt Peritt_d at
Tue Sep 5 08:19:50 EST 1995

In article <4270sj$4hi at> Chunlei Liu,
Chunlei.Liu at writes:
>I am trying to use PHA and IL-2 stimulation to maintain human T cell
>clones for long term.  The trouble I have is that feeder cells alone
>show robust proliferation when treated with 5ug/ml PHA and 20U/ml IL-2.
> The feeder cells are 3300 rad irradiated human peripheral blood
>mononuclear cells (PBMC). Anybody has an idea how to modify the
>conditions of stimulation and therefore eliminate the proliferation of
>feeder cells without interfering accessory function?  Appreciated.

We maintain human T cells in culture for long periods of time with
0.1yg/ml PHA and 50 units/ml IL2.  We only feed with irradiated feeders
every 3-4 weeks.  Why are you worried about feeder proliferation?  They
will eventually die and only your T cells are left.

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