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Contents, October 1995

The silicone controversy: towards a resolution
N. R. Rose and M Potter

What is the MHC?
S. H. Powis and D. E. Geraghty

BTKbase: database of XLA-causing mutations
 A report by an international study group

Murine CD38: an immunoregulatory ectoenzyme
F. Lund, N. Solvason, J.C. Grimaldi, R. M. E. Parkhouse and M. Howard

Serum gangliosides as endogenous immunomodulators
L. Bergelson

Ins and outs of LFA-1
M. Lub, Y van Kooyk and C. G. Figdor

Cytokine receptors encoded by poxviruses: a lesson in cytokine biology
A. Alcami and G. Smith

Linkage of cell-mediated immunity to iron metabolism: implications on the
development of anaemia of chronic disease
G. Weiss, H. Wachter and D. Fuchs

Loss of HLA class I antigens by melanoma cells:  molecular mechanisms,
functional significance and clinical relevance
S. Ferrone and F.M. Marincola

Cellular immune responses of macaques exposed to low doses of SIV
U. Dittmer

The IL-12 p40 homodimer as a specific antagonist of the IL-12 heterodimer
T. Germann, E. Rude, F. Mattner and M. K. Gately

Birth-control vaccines
P. D. Griffin

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