PHA stimulation of T cells

Bronwyn Venus venusb
Wed Sep 6 20:29:01 EST 1995

On 1 Sep 1995, Chunlei Liu wrote:

> I am trying to use PHA and IL-2 stimulation to maintain human T cell
> clones for long term.  The trouble I have is that feeder cells alone
> show robust proliferation when treated with 5ug/ml PHA and 20U/ml IL-2.
>  The feeder cells are 3300 rad irradiated human peripheral blood
> mononuclear cells (PBMC). Anybody has an idea how to modify the
> conditions of stimulation and therefore eliminate the proliferation of
> feeder cells without interfering accessory function?  Appreciated.

Please excuse my ignorance but why are you using feeder cells?
My collegue is currently growing tcell clones with no feeders.

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