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Thu Sep 7 20:50:12 EST 1995

A young, well financed, and rapidly growing immunodiagnostics company
in Boulder Colorado is seeking to fill a position for a MA or Ph.D.
level Polymer Chemist, specializing in the preparation,
characterization, and qualification of a variety of polymer casts,
substrates and polymer films (polystyrene, polyurethane,
polyacrylamide, etc.) to be used as an immobilization platform for the
development of novel immunodiagnostic assay systems.

Analytical skills, including methods for surface analysis, determining
topology, chemical reactivity, as well as process development skills,
are essential.  Additionally, skills in post-treatment (radiation or
chemical) to enhance reactivity, as well as to allow for covalent
binding of specific proteins, will be essential.  Expertise in the area
of covalent immobilization to polymers will also be a definite plus.

A good salary and benefits package is being offered, dependent upon
qualifications and experience. The company also represents a
entrepreneurial opportunity for the successful candidate, with equity
participation available.  The company is engaged in the development of
a proprietary immunodiagnostic system that has wide applicability to
human clinical, veterinary, and public health arenas.  The company is
the recipient of significant Federal grants and contracts for advanced
diagnostic development, and has large corporate partners supporting
proprietary assay development.  The company also has other profitable
product lines.

Boulder is a high tech community located in the foothills of the
Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Research facilities in the area include
University of Colorado, NIST, NCAR, NOAA, and numerous biotech and high
tech corporations.  Additionally, the area is in easy reach of
facilities in Denver, Fort Collins, and the Boulder Longmont corridor. 
Quality of life here is legendary. 

Qualified applicants should submit resumes and references to:

Dr. Catherine O’Sullivan
DDx Incorporated
2830 Wilderness Place
Boulder, Colorado  80301

or respond to:
vast at

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