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>I am a undergraduate student in biology.  Some day I hope to go to 
>graduate school in biochemistry. My grades are good enough but I 
>am afraid that this may not be enough to get in.  I am looking for 
>something to set myself apart from the other students.  At this 
>point I am at a loss on what to do.  I have no real resources to 
>work on projects in the areas that interest me. Does anybody have 
>any ideas?  I do have one useful skill.  I am a professional 
>computer programmer. I don?t mean someone who has taken a FORTRAN 
>class and is working as a work-study student, but a 10 year 
>application programming veteran in the computing industry.  If I 
>could use this skill great if not, I don?t care.  I need something 
>to further my career; something good.  Please help!!!  I know that 
>somebody out there knows of something I could do.
>	Thank you for your time!!!
>	Patrick R. Jones
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>>What do you mean you don't have the resources to work on a project
that interests you?  You say that you are an undergraduate student. 
Go to one of your professors and ask him or her if you could do a
research project in his/her lab.  Can't think of anything more
impressive on an undergrads resume than a publication with his/her
name as one of the authors.
Univ. of Miami<<

RE: Undergraduates appearing on research papers

I am an undergraduate myself, currently involved in neuropathology
research. I hope that I will also have a part in the resulting
publications. I am wondering as to how this could (positively) effect
any future applications to med-school/grad-school? Does something
like this really make a big difference? (even though it might
slightly effect the GPA since there is less time for studying).

Any input from people that make decisions regarding applicants for
med-school/grad-school would be very appreciated.


Robert Kersting

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