Thanks - rabies: another ?

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Tue Sep 12 08:59:07 EST 1995

Thanks for your responses - I was wondering if the speed of development of
the infection was a factor; I forgot about the nervous system being so
sequestered from the immune.  My reasons for wondering are purely selfish -
I may have employment opportunities in the future in any number of places
which enforce quarantines, such as the UK, Hawaii or Austrailia.  Having
four beautiful Labrador Retrievers which I don't want to leave at home,
this presents a problem.
  Question #2:  Are these quarantines really necessary?  Are there no
possible vectors for rabies arriving on these islands (say rats or whatever
can hide in ships) besides cats, dogs and other domestic animals arriving
with people who relocate?  How many animals with up-to-date vaccinations
will develop rabies if bitten by a rabid animal (what's the failure rate of
the vaccine?)

Thanks again - Laurie

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