Assay protein bound to ELISA

Geoffrey D. Wheelock 74710.2416 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Sep 11 20:47:17 EST 1995

Someone asked how to assay protein bound to immulon 2 ELISA plates. 
My reader trashed the original article so I am replying from memory.
 The amount of protein bound to the plate will be very small, circa 
100 ng or less, so you need a really sensitive assay.  I have done 
it by iodinating the protein or peptide, determining the specific 
activity of the protein, binding to the plate, washing, and counting
the wells in a gamma counter.  Of course, if you are not using strip
wells, breaking up the plate into individual wells is problematic :)
 Hope this helps.  Geoffrey D. Wheelock

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