Help Please! Info on med. Thalidamid (Not sure spelling).

KPbleWoman kpblewoman at
Wed Sep 13 20:37:34 EST 1995

Please pardon me if this is a subject that has already been discussed.  I
am fairly new to the Internet, and definately new to this newsgroup.  My
aunt is in the final stages of Lupus.  She is quickly deterioating.  She
recently saw a segment on 60 minutes on the medication Thalidamid.  It
stated that it has shown dramatic results with Hodgekins, Lupus,
Arthritus, Immune disorders, etc.  It is not currently available in the
U.S.,except for some AIDS patients, but is available in Mexico and Brazil.
 The FDA is in the process of approving it, but, this could take years.  

My aunt had planned a trip to Brazil, but her health would not permit. 
She is desperate for other options.  If anyone has *any* information on
this medication, would you please E-mail me?

Thank you for your time in reading this.  Again, I apologize if I have not
followed correct protocol in posting this

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