Jenner, cowpox, smallpox, and the first vaccine

Ana Ana
Sat Sep 16 20:36:10 EST 1995

Thank you for your comment an Jenner’s "experiment".  I have a different impression of Jenner. I will 
transcribe what I found:
Start quote:  "In 1789 (Jenner’s experiment was on 1796, this parenthesis is mine), when the nurse of 
his 10-month-old son, Edward, contracted what was then called swinepox (also called pigpox and 
occasionally cowpox), Dr. Jenner, with cooperation of Dr. Henry Hicks of Eastington, inoculated infant 
Edward and two young female servants of a neighboring family with material taken from the nurse’s 
pustules. The infant developed a mild pustular disease. Subsequently, on January 12, 1790, Jenner 
variolated his son and the nurse; he observed a solid immunity in both." End quote.
(Taken from "The Smallpox Story. In Words and Pictures", Behbehani, A.M. (1988))
I think it is very important not to judge the past with today’s rules or believes.

Ana Maria Soler-Rodriguez
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