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Mon Sep 18 14:53:52 EST 1995

:> Does anybody know of an easy and reliable method for dialysis of very
:> small volumes? (eg. for removing azide from commercial antibody sources)
:> Would appreciate any input. Thankyou.

:Pierce makes a Slide-A-Lyzer cassette that is essentially a sealed frame that
:holds dialysis tubing.  Add sample via syringe in one of four available
:self-sealing ports.  Works great!  They have different volumes available.  I
:use the 0.5 - 3.0 ml cassette.

:Patricia Beetham

Here's a do-it-yourself alternative:

1) Heat the large open end of a pasteur pipet in a bunsen burner.

2) Put an open eppendorf on your bench so that the bottom of the cap
is in contact with your bench.

3) Use the large heated end of the pipet to melt a hole through the top
of the eppendorf.  Aim carefully so that you don't melt the part of the
cap that seals the top closed.

4) Put your sample in the tube.  Add a piece of dialysis tubing to the
top and gently close the tube.  Do not stretch or tear the membrane.
This takes a little practice.

5) Add one of those "collars" to your eppendorf.  Tape the eppendorf
upside down onto the side of the vessel that contains your dialysis

This is not as good as one of the Slide-A-Lyzers, since it has a lot
less surface area.  Therefore, you should always do your dialysis over-
night when using this method.

Good luck,

Dave Plas
Washington University

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