Information wanted on psychoneuroimmunology

Mike Callaghan jmc
Wed Sep 20 14:08:08 EST 1995

My original posting - deleted accidentally ...

I have a contact who is working in Oncology/Radiology in Romania.  She has
asked me to try and provide her with useful resources in the area of
psychoneuroimmunology (e.g. recent journal articles), to aid in her medical
research.  As this is not my area, I would like to ask the subscribers to this
newsgroup to help, if at all possible.  The contact details are as follows:

Dr. Anca Elena Hodorog M.D.
Dept. of Radiology
RO 3400 Cluj-Napoca

email:  anca at


Mike Callaghan
Dept. Computer Science
De Montfort University
Leicester UK

email:  jmc at

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