Chronic Urticaria

Pietr Hitzig 0202319473539538 at 109KMS5JC0II
Tue Apr 2 05:51:05 EST 1996

stagehand at (Stagehand) wrote:
>Hello All
>I am suffering from chronic urticaria.

>this is an open request for any help or information anyone can give me 
>thank you in advance.

Dear Paul,

The use of a combined DA and 5-HT agonist relieves urticaria very nearly 
100% of urticarial conditions.

Please call me.  I post this publicly so that others can enjoy the 
new-found protocol's to so treat. 

I look forward to your reply. Give me a call ASAP. Let's get going. If 
anybody reading this wishes to have more info, look at web sites below.

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