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Contents, May 1996

Two hundred years on: Jenner and the discovery of vaccination; Current

B cells and their fate in health and disease 
F. Caligaris-Cappio and M. Ferrarini

Integrins as promiscuous signal transduction devices 
H.R. Petty and R.F. Todd III

NK-cell receptors and recognition of MHC class I 
M. Lopez-Botet, L. Moretta and J. Strominger

IL-12: a key cytokine in immune regulation 
A.G. Lamont and L. Adorini


Controlling HIV pathogenesis: the role of the noncytotoxic anti-HIV response
of CD8+ T cells 
J.A. Levy, C.E. Mackewicz and E. Barker

IL-4-induced immune deviation as antigen-specific therapy for inflammatory
autoimmune disease 
M. Rocken, M. Racke and E.M. Shevach


The nature of autoantigens targeted in autoimmune endocrine diseases 
Y-H. Song, Y. Li and N.K. Maclaren

Antibody neutralization of HIV-1
P. Poignard, P.J. Klasse and Q.J. Sattentau


Trapped in the medullary model
R. Ceredig

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