Churg - Strauss syndrome (help wanted)

Cliff cliff at cright.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 5 15:29:03 EST 1996

If this article is not relevant to this newsgroup, please excuse me posting
it here.  I have tried to narrow the target to newsgrups I think may be
focussed on this subject.  I tried posting this a week ago but have not
seen it propagated through any news feeds since then.

I have a friend who has been suffering for the last few months with a
breathing problem and the medics cannot establish the cause.  Just
recently, by a process of eliminaton, they are beginning to suspect a
condition known as Churg - Strauss Syndrome.

Can anyone offer any pointers to information on this condition.

Please feel free to e-mail me directly or post replies here.

I am looking for citations in medical and other journals, contacts, labs or
scientists working in this area or resources on the internet that may
provide some useful data I can pass to my friend's medics.

I'm not intimate with the exact details of her medical condition but there
may be some connection with the fact ther her son has athsma, the family
has a dog and she is a little overweight. Whether any of these are a factor
in the condition is open to question.  Her symptoms exhibit themselves as
severe breathing difficulties and rapid weight loss when an attack happens.
 I understand, she has been prescribed some steroid treatment and that this
may have to be a long term medication.

At present, we have very little information to go on so anything that you
can dig up is going to be helpful.

Best regards

Cliff Wootton

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