Splenic Function study Results

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>		Splenic Function in HIV Reversation
>		~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> An independent research group has done intensive studies of 
>major medical journals and reviewed hundreds of research protocols
>concerning studies of the spleen's function and activities.
> It is now clear that the spleen can play a vital, if not the primary 
>role, in eradicating the HIV virus from the body. 
> This is based on numerous repetitive conclusions that the lymphocyte
>production via splenic involvement is extraordinarily active during
>viral insurgance and the spleen displays extreme cooperative relationship
>with other immunological systems.
> For specific information regarding this discovery & how it may apply to 
>ridding this dreaded plague once and for all, search the web pages for
><This coverciveness is necessary to discourage mockers>

All hail the mighty spleen!!

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