Splenic Function study Results

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>		Splenic Function in HIV Reversation
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Cool. I've never reversated anything before. Anyone got a protocol? I
checked the index of Maniatis and that silly rascal didn't cover it.

> An independent research group has done intensive studies of 
>major medical journals and reviewed hundreds of research protocols
>concerning studies of the spleen's function and activities.
> It is now clear that the spleen can play a vital, if not the primary 
>role, in eradicating the HIV virus from the body. 
> This is based on numerous repetitive conclusions that the lymphocyte
>production via splenic involvement is extraordinarily active during
>viral insurgance and the spleen displays extreme cooperative relationship
>with other immunological systems.

Rats. I thought that the spleen was an isolated system and that lymph nodes
are just God's little idea of a joke. He's such a card, trying to throw
us all off with a silly connect-the-dots arrangement to the immune system.
Like no one would ever figure out the joke! 

> For specific information regarding this discovery & how it may apply to 
>ridding this dreaded plague once and for all, search the web pages for

Hmm, could you please let me know how one starts a research group like this?
Some friends and I are thinking of starting our own research group but
we're at an impasse when in comes to the organ we want to cover. 
Personally, I think we should review the hundreds of articles that suggest
(to me, anyway), that the lungs play an integral part in the breathing 
process. I have a strong suspicion that they have something to do with the
trachea and diaphragm, but it'll take a lot of research to figure that 
out. My friend, Bubba, thinks that we should devote our careers to showing 
the world that the brain is vital for thought processes and other functions,
like breathing. He has this unorthodox notion that there are these things
called nerves all over the body and they ultimately connect to (drum roll,
please) THE BRAIN. That's why I look up to Bubba. He's that brilliant kind
of scientist who can just synthesize theories like this by gleaning just
the right information from those articles he reads. He claims to have made
the original hypothesis when he was a child. He says that he was practicing
on the BB gun range and accidentally decapitated a squirrel. It appparently
lost its ability to think because it didn't try to escape when its head
flew off. Then it stopped twitching after a couple of minutes. That
delay in the cessation of some bodily functions did throw him off-track for
a while, but being the inquisitive and determined scientist that he is, he
never gave up and developed his radical theories. That's why they pay him
the big bucks. Too bad you scooped him on that spleen thing though.  

Then there's my friend, Cindy. She thinks that we should not only drop our
immunology research, but that we should spend our time and resources 
showing that the earth is not flat. We're a little ticked at Cindy, however.
Not only is it irresponsible for us to claim to be experts outside our
area of science but we think that the topic is too controversial (what 
with the Flat Earth Society and all, we could be in for some serious 
credibility problems). 

Our preliminary ideas can be found if one does a search under "BRAIN, HEAD
and NERVES" (that's for Bubba's proposal) and mine can be found under "LUNGS,
BREATHING and COUGH COUGH COUGH". Since we're angry at Cindy, we keep 
canceling her registration at search engine sites. If she tries to sneak
her entry under the keywords "PLANET, EARTH and SPHERE", you just may catch
her ideas. Don't count on it though, because Bubba and I unregister her at
least once a day. She's persistent, that Cindy. She thinks we're just being
mean but we're not. We're just being responsible about our research while 
she's sort of on the reckless side and don't want her putting our names on
her "the earth isn't flat" web site. 

><This coverciveness is necessary to discourage mockers>

Surely, you jest. At least I hope so :)

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