Heredity and Fibromyalgia

K. Weber kweber at efn.org
Sat Apr 6 16:17:53 EST 1996

	Cyndie Vaux (bbond at NANAIMO.ARK.COM):
She gets migraine headaches that are released when she vomits!  She has a 
lot of growing pains and does complain about sore necks (this could be 
because she knows my neck always hurts).  She has little stress in her 
youth, unlike me as a child.  I do, however, worry very much that she is 
inhereting the FM.  Does anyone have any insight on this subject.  Cyndie.

	Dr. David Nye (NYEDA at CNSVAX.UWEC.EDU):
She certainly could have inherited the predisposition to FMS from you, as 
roughly half of the children of an affected parent will.  Seeing a 
fibromyalgia-knowledgeable doctor who can examine her for tender points 
will answer the question.

Purple Cow (cw305 at freenet.carleton.ca):
	Heredity could be why FM is common in irradiated genomes, for 
instance, around Hanford, WA and the Nevada test site.  Other common 
mutations often become more common where there has been radiation 
exposure.  Dr. Carey, my brother's physician, has said that our families' 
proximity to NTS is one of the reasons that we have so many genetic 
illnesses in our family.  My brother has neurofibromatosis.  I developed 
brief bouts of CFIDS with predominant FMS when I was ten, and developed 
full-blown CFIDS at 28.  I have had a full diagnosis of exclusion with a 
diagnosis by a muscle neurologist.

	For more information about heredity, radiation, and FMS, or for 
information concerning the Hanford Survivor Archives, email Marilyn Jio 
at:  GPRX91A at prodigy.com

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