Need information on immunomodulatory effect of 3-series eicosanoids

Jeff Kirsch jdkirsch at alaska.net
Wed Apr 10 23:28:11 EST 1996

I am preparing material for an undergraduate seminar, and would
appreciate any references that anyone could provide.  The subject of
my talk is the immunomodulatory effects of omega 3 FA derivatives,
such as PGE-3 and LTB-5.  What I am most looking for is citations of
studies directly investigating these subsatnces, as opposed to feeding
trials.  Also, any references to any works which deal with the
synthetic pathways of these eicosanoids would be greatly appreciated.
I would be grateful for anything anyone can send my way--journal
citations, monographs, symposia, or even just the names of PIs.

Thanks in advance.

Jeffrey D. Kirsch
jdkirsch at alaska.net  

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