antibodies to chloramphenicol acetyltransferase from abV Immune Response, Inc.

Veronique Vandevoorde Vero at lmb1.rug.ac.be
Thu Apr 11 03:27:49 EST 1996

Last year, I ordered monoclonal antibodies to chloramphenicol 
acetyltransferase (CAT) at a company called abV Immune Response, Inc., 
Derry, New hamphire. A few months later, I received the message that the 
firm had closed their offices and were no longer supplying products. As 
I am still interested in using those antibodies, I would like to ask if 
somebody knows something more about this firm : has it been taken over 
by another company; where did their biological stock (hybridoma’s,....) 
go to;...
Do you know of another company that sells antibodies to CAT suitable for 
immunoprecipitation, immunostaining,...

Thanks very much

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