Antibodies agaist highly comserved proteins

Bob Scibienski rjscibienski at ucdavis.edu
Fri Apr 12 18:35:28 EST 1996

Torsten Boerchers <borcher at uni-muenster.de> wrote:

>Keld Sorensen <KeldS at uic.edu> wrote:
>>You could couple the protein to one of the common
>>carriers, such as KLH or whatever.
>Dear Keld and Bob,

>Is this really true? It does at least not fit to my understanding
>of antibody diversity 


	Yes, it's really true.  B cell tolerance does not seem to be rigidly enforced
for a great many self antigens.  The autoimmunity is prevented by regulating the
T cells.  By coupling a self antigen to a foreign carrier you provide to those B
cells which can bind the self antigen a lot of possible foreign epitopes to
present to helper T cells.  These can then activate those B cells.  This should
work for many more self antigens than not.

	Troels' suggestion is also a good one, if, as he says, you can get the library.

Have fun!


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