David Peritt Peritt at mail.med.upenn.edu
Tue Apr 16 07:51:21 EST 1996

I will give the simplistic answers you can read about the details and
Please no flaming my brevity...

>In a "one way" MLC you measure the proliferative respons of responder
cells to 
>stimulatory cells.
>But exactly which cells is it that are proliferating?
T cells
>And which type of cells are the stimulating cells?
APCs primarily Dendritics
>Are the responder cells memory T cells or the naive T cells (or both).

Probably both
 In the 
>latter case they would require 
>a co-stimulatory signal (B7) which I suppose they could get from the
stimulator MO and/or 
>dendritic cells.

you got it....

>Best regards
>Jes Dietrich

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