Graft Vascular Disease

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<Can anyone explain to me what exactly it is and why is it hard to
<diagnose and treat ?

Graft vascular disease is a complication of transplantation wherein the
arteries that bring blood into the new organ get clogged up.  

This phenomenon is also known as "chronic rejection", "graft vascular
disease", or "proliferative arteriopathy".

No one knows exactly what causes graft vascular disease, but several
theories exist.  One theory is that acute rejection or mild, "sub-acute"
rejection cause
damage to the arteries, which respond by growing new muscle cells in the
lining of the artery. Another popular theory is that antibodies attack to
lining of the artery.  Eventually, the artery becomes too narrow to
provide an adequate blood supply to feed the tissue, and a diagnosis of
graft vascular disease is made (often by biopsy.)

CMV disease and incidence of acute rejction have been linked to graft
vascular disease.  

If you want more details, please let me know!

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