New Product - The Glove Canister Many Thanks!!

Charles Hoffman choffman at pelican.davlin.net
Mon Apr 15 21:49:37 EST 1996

I'm really glad we don't have this kind of hype in the cattle ranching
business.  I thought this was a scientific endevour.  Check me out of
this group please.

nritland at execpc.com (Norm Ritland) wrote:

o--->Many thanks to all who responded,

o--->The response was overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who gave us
tips and 
o--->encouragement. Starting a new business is NOT easy. 
o--->    We just received our $5000 market plan with Kennedy
Communications, (a 
o--->Madison,WI, Advertising Agency).  They basic outline of what they
told us to do 
o--->was to put our blinders on and go for the medium to heavy
disposable glove 
o--->users. Once we get established in that field we can go to others.
This market 
o--->is basically made up of nurses and home health care providers. 
o--->    Tom has to go lots of shows within  a days drive of Mauston
o--->avoid airplane expense). We also have to buy a six time ad in a
national nurses 
o--->magazine (the biggest expense).
o--->    Kennedy gave us a list of suggested shows and magazines which
was very 
o--->helpful.  They also advised us to continue with the catalogs (Lab
Safety, ETC) 
o--->but that we shouldn't assume that that's really marketing.
o--->    Our ad will be really cool and feature our new 800 number!!

o--->        1-800-837-6503   

o--->    I'll let you all know what magazine our ad will be in when we
select it.
o--->The show list will also be provided so that you can come out and
bug Tom.


o--->Email: nritland at execpc.com
o--->Accrafect Fax:   608-847-5241

o--->I redid our web page too!! 

o--->Check it out.


o--->The Glove Canister: A convenient dispensor for your disposable

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