Yamile Perdomo YAMILE at
Wed Apr 17 01:29:34 EST 1996

I need some help, I work making conjugates monoclonal antibodies - 
FITC (isotiocyanate fluorescein), but recently several new 
fluorescent labeling reagents have been developed that can used in 
combination with fluorescein, for example R - phycoerythrin to provide 
three color fluorescent.  I need some information about of 
methodology of conjugates of phycobiliproteins, more exactly 
anything of preparation of R-Phycoerythrin - Immunoglobulin (RPE-IgG) 
and IgG-RPE-Cy5.
Thanks for advance,
Yamile Perdomo
Center of Molecular Immunology
Havana, Cuba
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