Problems to Mab production

Frederick W Hyde hydex004 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Thu Apr 18 09:43:16 EST 1996

A couple of quick thoughts:

When you make a MAb hybridoma, you are doubling the amount of chromosomes 
in the cell, and the cell wishes to become diploid once again. Hence, it 
degrades or spits out the chromosomes it doesn't need (in this case, the 
genetic info needed to produce your antibody).

1) Try a different immunization protocol. You may need to immunize longer 
and more frequently to get a higher titer. 

2) I do not know how you are attaching the hapten to the carrier protein.
There may be insufficient epitope present to generate the specific 
response desired, and the mouse is reacting more to your carrier rather 
than to your epitope. By increasing the target immunogen on the carrier 
(if possible) you may get a better response.
3) You may want to use an adjuvant of some type to boost the response. 

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