MAB conjugation

JOSE at ict.sld.cu JOSE at ict.sld.cu
Fri Apr 19 06:06:05 EST 1996

Dear netters,
I am interesting in monoclonal antibodies (MAB) conjugation with 
R-Phycoethrin (PPE) and RPE-CY5. When I checked the data base that I 
can access I found that Dr. Waggoner's team at the University of 
Pittsburgh were the people with more publications  related with 
this field.

I would like to establish contact with them in order to 
interchange ideas.

If someone knows  Dr. Waggoner's e-mail, please send me it. I will 
appreciate it very much. At the same time, if some other people have 
experience in this field, please contact me by this way.

Thanks for your advance,
Jose Alberto Gomez Perez
Center of Molecular Immunology
Calle 216 esq. 15, Atabey, Playa
P.O. Box: 16040,
Havana 11600, CUBA
Tel./Fax:(53-7) 335049, 333509
e-mail: jose at ict.sld.cu

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