Anti-Human Cytokine X-Reacts with Simian Cytokines?

upyers mcoon at u.washington.edu
Fri Apr 19 13:18:35 EST 1996

We are interested in using anti-human-cytokine antibodies in assays of SIV
infected simian lymphocytes. Specifically, we are interested in
intracellular staining for simian lymphokines (IL-12, IL-4, IFNg, etc).
Before we start testing cross-reactivity of anti-human Abs with monkey
cytokines, we thought it would be helpful to ask around for your help.


1) Do you know of anyone doing similar studies with anti-human antibodies?
We've done a literature search and there is some literature out there that
indicates that X-reactivity of anti-human Abs to simian cytokines may be
sufficient for our purposes.

2) If so, which Abs and which cytokines?

3) If this has not been done, what do you think is the likelyhood that we
might find significant X-reactivity?

4) Do you know of anyone who has anti-simian-cytokine (specifically,
lymphokine) Abs, whether conjugated to chromofluors or not?

Thanks in advance


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