tuberculosis vaccine

John Cherwonogrodzky jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca
Fri Apr 19 10:32:15 EST 1996

Dear Charles Maples:
       I don't know much about tubverculosis vaccines, but I did come across a 
report by Lorraine Fraser, Medical Correspondent, for one of the Bristish 
tabloids (Daily Mail?). Doctors John Stanford (Microbiology, University 
college, Riding House Street in the heart of London) and Graham Rook 
(Professor of immunology at UCL?) have developed a cheap vaccine based on a 
soil isolate in Nigeria called Mycobacterium vaccae. The principle is that 
although TB is pathogenic, this strain has enough cross-reactive antigens to 
cause the body to mount a good immune defence against TB.
     I hope this helps...John Cherwonogrodzky    

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