RES,MED,CONJ: COPULINS; THE SEXY OLD VAGINAL AND INTESTINAL FLORA, RFB&D "Neuroendocrinology" by Joan C. Hughes, Order # 00190525

K. Weber kweber at efn.org
Fri Apr 19 16:32:01 EST 1996

	I don't advise qualified reading disabled readers interested in the medical 
literature to order this book all at once.  It is a wonderfully 
informative and relatively up-to-date book of some 58 four-hour volumes 
comprising most, if not all, recent literature on neuroendocrinology.  
My suggestion is that order the first nine tape installment, and if you can 
get through that, perhaps you can order the next one.  
	Copulins are produced by a bacteria present in the vaginal and 
intestinal tracs.  They can be reproduced under anaerobic conditions by 
adding vaginal culture to an amino acid medium.  I think it may have even 
been a selected amino acid, but have forgotten which one.  In lower 
mammals, these hormone-like secretions control copulation in the male, 
though they do less so in higher species.  Since this flora is anaerobic, 
it would tend to grow in our less than well-aerated intestinal systems.  
The article did not specifically talk about digestive copulins.  Copulins 
are suppressed by estrogen and antibiotics.
	My weird theory is that these chemicals may be part of the reason 
that people with our disease (Myalgic Encephomyelitis ME), have always been 
shunned socially, 
and denied life-sustaining help.  There was a strand a while ago about 
whether CFIDS was one of the diseases referred to as leprosy in the 
Bible.  Copulation, in many species, is closely related to aggression 
in the male.  Again this was not in the book.
	There was a lot in the book, including a long article on 
Melatonin, and a long article on the regulation of low and high blood 
pressure by salt and pineal secretions.
	I am sorry about the $50 membership fee for RFB&D.  I think it is 
particularly difficult for disability communities like ours, which haven't 
been recognized in the past, and so have a disproportionate members.  We 
are also routinely denied access to 
higher education.  The fee is not otherwise targeted at us.  It has been in 
since January 1.  Since I'm not a new member I didn't know about it.  I 
have used RFB&D for 13 years, and really love it.

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