Polycythemia vera question

Glen J. Kuban paleo at ix.netcom.com
Sat Apr 20 00:11:59 EST 1996

I am not sure if this is the place to ask this, but a friend of mine is
desperate for help.  She has polycythemia vera (overabundance of red
blood cells) and is tormented by constant itching.  She has consulted
doctors and tried many anti-itch products without relief, including
Atarax, Benedrya, Benzocane, Cimetidine, Hydroxy urea, and steroid
creams).  Ice backs help a little but still do not relieve most of the
itching.  If anyone can sugges any treatment that might help, PLEASE
let me know.  Thank you very much.

Glen Kuban
paleo at ix.netcom.com

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