DMSO and Immune Response

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>On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Keld Sorensen wrote:

>> I vet friend of mine treats lame horses with DMSO -
>> I think it would be a highly problematic compound
>> in humans - go to one of the sites that has MSDS
>> (Material safety datasheets) on line (Fisher has I 
>> believe) and read the MSDS!!!

>I second Keld's suggestion as this is likely to be very dangerous 
>(treating onself with DMSO).

References ?  DMSO is thought to be one of the safest compounds around.   
There are not many drugs that you can instill in someones bladder at a 50% 

  Although not and entirely scientific 
>article, I remember reading in "Runner's World", when DMSO was all the 
>rage in the early 80's, about a few folk that self administered DMSO to 
>treat shin-splints.  The article went on to say that these few foolish 
>folk endedup being paralyzed, likely because of the impurities the DMSO 
>carried into their bodies upon treatment. 

      Urban legend with no scientific support.    DMSO is no better than 
hydrating the skin at enhancing skin penetration of substances.   In fact,   
it does not enhance skin penetration if the skin is already hydrated.     Most 
likely, it works either as a humectant ( draws water into the skin ) or forms 
water-like structures.    Further, it take at least a 40% concentration to 
enhance skin penetration of anything..

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