Magnetic Particles for Separation in Biosciences and as Drug carrier

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Mon Apr 22 17:42:09 EST 1996

Magnetic Particles for Separation in Biosciences and as Drug carrier

We have developed novel magnetic microbeads - M-PVA - on the basis of
polyvinylalcohol which represent the first magnetic synthetic hydrogel on
the market. 

Based on a new propietary suspension technology beads with sizes from 0,3 -
1000 µm can be produced within sharp size-range. In contrast to presently
offered carriers on the basis of polystyrene, polyacrylates or silica, the
magnetic hydrogel represents an absolutely hydrophilic material which shows
minimal unspecific protein adsorption meeting all requirements for
biochemical anylsis and assays.
On the basis of its chemical structure all known functional groups
applicable in carrier technology can be introduced into M-PVA, e.g. -CHO,
-COOH, -NH2, - Epoxy, -CONH-NH2, -NH(COOH)2, -SH, -SO3, -DEAE, -QEA. The
high functionality combined with high protein binding capacity opens up
exciting new perspectives for e.g. PCR-technique, DNA extraction, DNA/RNA
sequencing, IgG-, protein- and cell separation, affinity chromatography,
chelate affinity chromatography. Due to its favourable specific density,
the beads remain in suspension for hours thus making M-PVA especially
suitable for immunoassay.

To market the above products on a worldwide scale we are looking for
potential partners with int. market access. Please contact for further

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