Affinity chromatography, immunoadsorbents, biocompatible polymers - new technologies offered!

Mueller-Schulte rvdm at genesis.westend.com
Mon Apr 22 17:42:04 EST 1996

New technologies offered for affinity chromatography, immunoadsorbents,
biocompatible polymers

A novel proprietary polymer radiation modification technology has been
developed which enables the production and modification of a variety of
products e.g. carriers for affinity chromatography and immunoadsorption,
biocompatible polymers for implants, media for immobilization, microtiter
plates, dishes and tubes as well as any other polymer product.
The technology is characterized by its simplicity and its enormous
variation range making it possible to optimize products and to adapt the
product to its specific application. By applying the new modification
technique, surface morphologies and properties of polymers and plastics can
be altered in such a way that the accessible surface area is distinctly
enlarged resulting in up to 10times higher protein adsorption capacities
for proteins and cells compared to untreated plastics. This makes the
modified plastic highly suitable for microtiter plates, cultivation dishes,
coated tubes (immunoassays). Further to the plain improvement for
biomolecule adsorption, the modification also allows the introduction of
functional groups into the polymer through which biomolecules or ligands
can easily be covalently coupled. This can favourably be exploited for e.g.
affinity chromatography or for the production of streptavidin solid phase
supports for biodiagnostics.

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