MED: Mitochondrial Resuscitate?

K. Weber kweber at efn.org
Sun Apr 21 13:47:02 EST 1996

	Dear Judith et. al,

	I'm wondering why this posting came up blank on my screen.  
However, my doctor had a chemist friend analyze the product mentioned 
and, if I can get one, I'll send you a private copy of the results.  It 
costs about $50 a month, and she said it's chief constituant is protein.
	I don't know whether he might think he has some magical 
combination of amino acids.  Amino acid powder is available at health 
food stores for about $2.80 a pound and I have been using a lot of it 
since hearing about this product.  The same physician has developed two 
tests for CFIDS.  One involves measuring caffine removal from the body by 
the mitochondria.  The other test involves looking at Tylenol removal.  
One is a day, and one a night test.  I seem to remember that one is a 
blood and the other a urine test, but can't remember any more.
	Mitochondria are thought to have been a virus which joined the 
cell and have a lot to do with how mammals evolved.  They are under 
attack in CFIDS, very probably, for this reason.  Our bodies may think that 
they are viruses.  Another microorganism which seems to have joined the 
mammalian body very early on is called a copulin.  It is an anerobic 
bacteria which follows the female hormonal patterns, peaking at estrus, 
and dipping during pregnancy.  It has a neuroendrochrinological effect on 
the male which has not been fully defined.
	Anerobic bacteria are well tolerated by lower mammals who eat 
carrion, where anerobic bacteria thrive. Some or all species are very 
toxic to 
humans.  Bochilism is a potenially fatal food poisoning caused by 
anerobic bacteria.  Someone should really look at this as one potential 
cause of the ever complex CFIDS.  Some of us get better when we take 
antibiotics, which kill this bacteria.  A paragraph about it is contained in 
the 6,000 page "Neuroendocrinology" edited by Joan C. Hughes.  This is 
RFB&D order number 00190525.  This book should be ordered one carton at a 
time, or they will get tired of us. 

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