Tue Apr 23 18:26:32 EST 1996

I think that your question is a good one and you have probably 
noted how the approaches to treating pyrexia have changed and have 
been argued about over time (reviewed in a book edited by El-Radhi 
and Carroll in 1994). There seems to be substantial support for some 
immunological advantages following an upward shift of the 
thermostatic set-point but I sometimes have difficulty convincing my 
families pediatrician as he reaches for the Panadol. Robin. 

On 23 Apr 96 at 10:19, Michelle L. Leonce wrote:

> Could someone direct me to a resource to answer this question: what is 
> the body trying to accomplish by causing fever as part of the immune 
> response? Is it in any way linked to inflammation as there is often a 
> raise in temperature at the site of infection too, such as a cut on the 
> finger? Thanks for any help at all.

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