DNA vaccinces

Stephen McSorley mougneau at unice.fr
Tue Apr 23 04:33:51 EST 1996

>We are seeking help with immunizing mice with a DNA plasmid
>construct.  Is there anyone with experience in inducing a TH1
>response in mice?

In my previous lab I worked with plasmids to immunise against leishmania 
major which requires a Th1 response to cure in mice.  As far as I 
remember we immunised with around 100ug - 1mg of DNA in sucrose using a 
CMV promoter to drive gene expression but I'm not sure if these are 
optimal conditions for Th1 responses or not.  You might try co-injecting 
your plasmid with plasmids encoding IL-12 p40 and/or p35 to push the 
response to Th1 but again in our hands this was not neccesary.  You 
might want to check out a paper in Immunology published in 1995 (I 
think) by Xu et al.

Stephen McSorley

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