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Christian van den Bos cvdb at ix.netcom.com
Mon Apr 29 22:58:54 EST 1996

This is to announce opportunities for both a post-doctoral position and
a Ph.D. student position.

Work will be focused on a) finding ligands for members of the S100
protein family, namely MRP8 and 14 and b) on the phosphorylation
(kinase) of MRP14.
A cornerstone in the search for ligands will be the use of the two
hybrid system in conjunction with some more classical techniques such
as overlay assays. Both projects will be supervised jointly by Johannes
Roth and Vol
ker Gerke; JR has made some important contribution to the field such as
demonstrating the calcium-dependence of the intracellular location of
MRP8 and MRP14 and VG recently came from the Max Plank Institute for
l Chemistry in Goettingen, where he has worked highly successfully with
Klaus Weber and Mary Osborne.
The labs are located within the newly formed Center for Molecular
Biology of Inflammation (ZMBE) at the University of Muenster, Germany,
and are extremely well equipped.
As for a short geographic update, Muenster is a town of somewhere
around 300000 inhabitants and harbors the second largest University in
Germany with approximately 60000 students (including polytechs and
other specialized
 branches). The city has strong medieval roots, particularly visible in
the circularly arranged core-still showing the medieval city borders
and a great number of buildings from those times. It also offers a
lively scene 
of entertainment such as theaters, cinemas and last, but certainly not
least, a bewildering number of pubs of all varieties. As far as safety
is concerned, there is nothing to worry; serious crimes occur at a
extremely lo
w rate.
The city is located approx. 20 km from the Dutch border and approx. 2h
by car from Cologne.
Both positions are funded by grants already approved.

Please note that the University of Muenster (as well as the city
itself) have www pages providing further information on the city and
Everybody speaks English and there are, due to the large number of
foreign students, ample opportunities to engage in language classes
etc. should this be desired.

Please direct inquireries at your earliest convenience to Johannes Roth
at rothj at uni-muenster.de

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