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Except dsDNA, there are really no accepted standards for autoimmune
serology. You can acquire a dsDNA standard from WHO. Please assure
that you ask for the dsDNA standard and not the IFA DNA pattern sera.
This later sera also contains ssDNA. If you need more information,
please feel free to e-mail me.

As for other sera, several brokers have recently tried to setup
standards, but none are, as yet, accepted. Part of the problem is the
multiplicity of reactivities and also that there is no accepted
standard assay.

Another issue commonly discussed is the correlation between antibody
presence and absence and clinical presentation. The primary purpose
for these tests is to aid "initial" diagnosis, yet most studies test
retrospecitive samples from treated subjects. In most cases there is
little evidence that the tests may be used for prognosis or monitoring
therapy. Even if useful, tests are typically not developed nor assured
for such quantitative uses.

In light of the above, what level of antibody detection is
significant? Also, can levels exist that are "normal"? At what level
should test detect antibody? Do various reactivities offer differing
degrees of diagnostic accuracy?

So many questions. There was a group in Europe some years ago that
tried to establish standards, but I think they could not arrive at a
consensus. To my knowledge, such an effort has not yet occured in the
U.S. If you are interested, I can place you in touch with several
brokers who can supply various positive sera and I'm sure each can
provide some information about performance in using various methods.
"Dr. Thomas Dick" <Thomas.Dick at Ac.cybercity.de> wrote:

>I am looking for a source of autoantibody reference sera in rheumatology 
>. Is there anybody who know such a collection? I have heard the 
>arthritis foundation -center of disease control have such sera. Can 
>somebody give me more informations ?
>Thomas Dick

>Dr. Thomas Dick, Rheumafroschungsinstitut Aachen, Germany

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