Sperm allergy

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>: > Does anyone have any information on allergies to sperm? My wife once saw 
>: > a show about it on "Donahue" of all places. Is she crazy or does this 
>: > actually exist? Please let me know where I can get more info.
>: > 
>: > Thanks!

>:      Although rare, it does exist.  A recent case report in in the June
>: 1996 issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

>A colleague of mine had a xerox of a letter to The Lancet pinned to his wall.
>It discussed a clinical history of a patient (who ISTR was also the author) who
>had developed an allergy to her husbands seminal plasma. The letter contained
>the wonderful line "Prick tests proved negative..." 

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Do you think that this condition might be a good candidate for oral

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