Chemical sensititazation

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: Respiratory problems such as asthma is common.  Many allergist will say
: that this is an irritant response rather than an allergy.  Yet these
: reactions are to specific chemicals.  Other things that would be
: considered much more irritating may cause no problems at all.  Often
: there has been no previous history of asthma or respiratory problems.

: Reactive Airway Disfunction Syndrome or Occupational Asthma might be a
: diagnosis except that the other symptoms do not fit that profile. 
: There are often complaints of neurological symptoms such as dizziness,
: weakness, and difficulty in thinking.  Muscular and joint aches much
: like flu symptoms may be another manifestation.

Those symptoms which are not histamine-mediated are primary
symptoms of a neurotransmitter deficit.  A dopamine deficit
can produce allergic reactivity as well as other symptoms,
like problems in memory recall.  So some of the symptoms
may be allergic and others may be neurological.

The above is the opinion of a layman.
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