sensitization to chemicals

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Fri Aug 2 17:29:28 EST 1996

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>I don't know how the sensitization might be modulated by MAO etc., but

>underlying process is that contact sensitivity to chemicals is an 
>response mediated by T cells.  Certain chemicals and metal ions bind 
>histocompatibility antigens or to self peptides bound to
>histocompatibility antigens in such a way to make them look foreign to
>lymphocytes, and provoke an immune reponse.  The T cells release
>inflammatory cytokines that cause the pathology.
>David C. Parker

But what about asthmatic reactions to specific chemicals?   There are a
few people that have almost instant reactions to exposure to chemicals 
they have been sensitized to.   Doesn't it take a least several minutes
for an immune response to occur, even immediate types?

Betty Bridges

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