HELP : I search articles about the action of PHA and ConA on lymphocytes

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>Do you know anything about these articles ? If so, could you
>send me by E-mail some informations about it (references or else) ?
>Nadine Antoine
>University of Liège


Please post or email your full email address.  It did not appear on
your posting.  Thanks.

I will be looking for references regarding mechanism, affinity sites, 
competitive assays, etc.  If you find anything I would be very 
interested in sharing our results.

I know lectins have been looked at closely in some systems, but I'm not
sure that investigations in murine and human lymphocytes have looked in
detail at mechanisms of activation beyond elaborating the resulting 
cascades of signal transduction.

If you are looking to delineate specific sites of membrane activity, I 
am very interested in this also.  I have a compound P-252 that I 
believe will compete with lectins for the active sites, and you may 
find this useful in your work.

I would hypothesize that macromolecules like PHA and conA are being 
covalently bonded by membrane-bound gammaglutamyltransferase to 
membrane protein receptors.  This would result in membrane fluidity 
changes and a calcium flux that would begin the signal cascade leading 
to various stages of activation depending on the strength of the 

If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I

would be very interested in a collaborative effort to measure the 
effects of P-252.

Good luck,


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