Chemical sensititazation

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Sat Aug 3 22:10:42 EST 1996

Betty Bridges (bcb56 at wrote:

: Longer lower levels of exposure (levels below odor detection) will
: cause gradual, but significant drop in peak flow to about 200 before I
: am symptomatic.  Other symptoms occur fatigue, difficulty in
: concentrating and short term memory, puffiness general but especially
: noted in hands, muscle / joint aches much like the flu and general
: malise.  Most of these symptoms resolve over night.  On occassion the
: chest tightness will persist up to a week.  I will have to seek medical
: attention and am usually treated with steroids and bronchodialators
: before it will clear.

Fatigue, edema, amplified pain, and memory problems are all consistent
with a dopamine-deficiency.


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