Anabela Pinto Jensen biozapj at
Sun Aug 4 10:13:08 EST 1996

Dear all

I'm loojking for somebody that can give me some ideas about  methods in
MHC determination. 
I am a behavioural ecologist and don't have a clue about  immunology or 
mol. biology. My goal is to identify  who is fathering the litters of a
clan of wild badgers. I'm considering to take blood samples of this
population and identify each individual. Next year I will do the same to
their litters and try to identify  who is fathering them. 
Is it possible to do in practice?
Is there any labs working on this technique ? I would like to spend some
time learning the technique.

Please reply to me,to my personal address, since I don't usually check
these lists.



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