testing of wells surfaces

Gabriele Marmieri biomat at MBOX.VOL.IT
Mon Aug 5 17:04:05 EST 1996

Dear fellows,
We are developing special surfaces for immunological assays on
microplates such as High Binding,
Aminated and Streptavidin coated.
Since one of the major obstacles that we find is testing of our products
we feel that it could be helpful both for us and for
those that are studying, or developing new systems to cooperate in the
development of surfaces which can be suitable for
their new uses.
Therefore we are available to give sample and to cooperate for the
development with those that need special surfaces
Please address your questions to Dr. Maurizia Pettenati.

Dr. Maurizia Pettenati
via Zeni 8
tel 0464-443320
fax 0464-443320/443112
e-mail biomat at mbox.vol.it

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