Help! CD3+ Flow Cytometry

SNOWTREK snowtrek at
Thu Aug 8 22:42:07 EST 1996

Greetings, Colleagues: Nothing too exotic about chore is the
binding of a humanized  anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody to a CD3+ cell,
followed by an anti-human kappa FITC conjugate. Seems simple enough, but
the CD3 positive cells I've used - HUT78, Jurkat - look like hell, with
broad gnarly histograms. What I need is a cell that's 1) high in CD3
density (will yield high median fluorescence intensity), will give me 2)
nice narrow histograms with low CVs on the FL1 parameter, and 3) is
readily available, ATCC best. Any suggestions? Anybody ever use Daudi's? I
think HPB-ALLs might work well, but I'm unaware of a commercial source.
Can't use HUT102s, possible HTLV-1 +. Muchas gracias for any suggestions.
- Bob/snowtrek at

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