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> First 2 responses: Yeah, but my purpose is a standardized, quantitatively
> well-characterized assessment of this anti-CD3 mab's binding. I need to be
> able to walk over to the incubator and pull out a T-175  full of cell XYZ,
> grab a quarter million, mix in the mab, and get reasonable reproducibility
> in response. The variability and poor characterization of PBLs (possible
> pathogen present?, etc) makes them a non-viable alternative. Third
> response: The Jurkats didn't work for me. As you suggest, recloning them
> might allow isolation of a CD3 dense, homogeneous poulation. And, I'll
> look into the Molt16s. THANKS for the replies!!!!
Very interesting, do I detect from this request that we may be seeing
a replacement for that well used mouse antibody OKT3 appearing soon?
There are of course several humanised CD3 antibodies around including
humanised OKT-3 which has been sitting in the freezer since Celltech
finished it several years ago.

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