Leukocyte Common Antigen

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> jkonyer at uoguelph.ca (Janet E Konyer) wrote:
> >   Can anyone define the leukocyto common antigen?  It has been referred 
> >to in severral papers I have read, but not defined.
> >Thank you
> Isn't it the CD45?
> Facundo Garcia Bournissen,
> postmast at iihema.fmed.uba.ar

Leukocyte-common antigen (CD45) is found on all leukocytes. It consists
four isoforms with molecular weights ranging from 180 to 230KD. Different
leukocytes express different combinations of four isoforms, depending on
the cell lineage and differentiational state. As far as I knew, this is
how it is defined. You may find more detail or accurate information in
Leukocyte Typing that is published annually.

Allen W. Wu

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